Dra. Isabel Fernández

miércoles, 8 de abril de 2015

Dominar las emociones, parte del abordaje del paciente oncológico El abordaje del paciente debe incluir aspectos físicos, cognitivos, que le ayuden a manejar la preocupación.

Robert Medhurst Champions Homeopathy Research

Claims are regularly made in the media and by various “authorities” that there’s no evidence for homeopathy. Whether this declaration is made through simple ignorance, stupidity or with the deliberate intent to deceive, would make an excellent topic for investigation. Either way, the assertion that there’s no evidence for homeopathy is plainly and clearly wrong. Shown below are abstracts from over 300 human, animal, plant and in-vitro scientific studies that attest the reality that there is indeed evidence for homeopathy, and lots of it. This is an update of an article I wrote on this subject several years ago.
To read the full article on the Scottish Association of Professional Homoeopaths please follow this link:
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